Hey, I'm Bobby.
I aim to make things that people want to use.

My Story

I've been designing and building products for the web since 2006. I've worked for Inc. 500 companies, startups, electronic musicians, and everything in between. I've even taught classes on digital video and Adobe After Effects.

I love making things and I have fun solving problems.

Designer AND developer?! So what am I?

I'm both a designer and a developer.

Long story short, I've been able to pull this off by having a relentless drive to make things and publish them. I discovered this drive in 2002 and it's never let up. My free time has always been monopolized by making stuff. Creative problems fascinate me, whether I'm picking up a guitar, putting a pen to paper, or engineering a website.

His work is thoughtful. His skill is potent. He has my unconditional respect. People hire him because their time is valuable and they have a proven awareness for quality.

Alex Basak


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